Outdoor patio at sunrise

Your backyard deserves to be a tranquil and enjoyable place to spend time in, rather than just a pit of dirt and weeds that you’re embarrassed of. Landscaping, especially when it comes to a backyard, is often undervalued and one of the last things that is redone. Your backyard deserves better than that! One easy way to get started on the remodel of your backyard, is to update or install a patio. Here are a few of our favorite types of patios to consider for your backyard transformation!


One of the least expensive pati options, is concrete. The easiest way to get this done is to have someone come and pour the concrete for you. It will be a fast project, and give you a large surface area to work with and decorate. One great thing about having poured concrete for your patio, is that you can do a lot with it! You can paint the concrete, add a decorative border, or add an outdoor area rug.

Concrete stones

If you want a more pieced together look for your patio, concrete slabs or stones is a great option. You’ll still have to level the ground and tamper everything out, but it’s less mess and it’s easier to do yourself because you won’t have to worry about the pouring of the concrete. It gives you the same flexibility as poured concrete, but gives you a more dimensional look.

Wooden deck

A wooden patio is technically a deck. You have to have space between the bottom of the patio and the ground, so it’s best if it’s slightly raised. Wooden decks are stunning and one of our favorites, as it has a lot of different looks and is absolutely beautiful in any yard.

Paver stones

Paver stone patios are similar to the concrete stone patio we mentioned earlier, but they are made with smaller stones, and are filled with paver sand to keep everything in place. You can create different designs, such as herringbone, with these stones, which can add a lot of interest to your patio and give you a unique look for your backyard.