About Us

Enhanced Exterior Products originated when a need was identified in the market for a company that could provide pre-finished products in more colors than were currently provided in the market. After acquiring the necessary production equipment, Enhanced Exterior Products began to provide quality exterior products in all the colors of the rainbow, with the pre-finished quality that customers have come to expect from the best manufacturers.

The power of choice is the mantra at Enhanced Exterior Products. You choose your product, you choose your color, and you choose your warranty. What could be better? No longer are home builders hand-cuffed to a set of pre-selected colors, now the choice is yours. This means that you can pre-finish your home in a color that is uniquely your own.

Enhanced Exterior Products is committed to your 100% satisfaction with our products. It was with this in mind that we designed our warranty program. With options of 15 and 30 years, again the power to choose is in your hands. The choice of either of these warranties means that you will be enjoying your unique color well into the future.