Trends on Utah home interiors and exteriors seem to roll with the changing of the years. We’ve been enjoying certain trends for several years, but there have been some shifts in personal preferences that Utah homeowners are leaning towards.

For example, the split level was very popular in Utah in the ’70s and ’80s for its unique, modern style of the time and decent size for families. However, in the last 40 years, this home style has become one of the least loved exteriors and homeowners are trending towards homes with a little more charm and character.

If you’re looking to update your own home’s exterior, here are some trends that will become prominent in 2021 and beyond.


If you’re looking for a trending update in Utah, siding is a great place to start!

Since its inception in the 1980s, James Hardie siding has easily become one of America’s favorite home exteriors. It has the look of beautifully painted wood, but you don’t get any of the negative drawbacks like wood rot, termites, or a short lifespan.

Because it’s fiberglass instead of actual wood, Hardie siding lasts for decades and offers timeless curb appeal. It’s fade-resistant, so it can withstand even the harshest climates without losing its appeal.

Hardie siding must be installed by a contractor who is certified to install it, however. Look for a reputable James Harder installer to do your Utah siding so that you have the guarantee it will last and look great for decades.


The rustic charm of French country-style homes doesn’t go unnoticed. Many Utah homeowners today are either seeking out new homes that feature French country exterior elements or they’re looking to upgrade their home’s exterior to match.

This is a simple style that adds effortless appeal to your home. Classic French country elements include steeply pitched roofs, stucco exteriors, half-timbered frames, paired shutters, and narrow windows on dormers. There may be a cobblestone path leading up to a rustic wooden door as well.


The shift towards midcentury-modern design shows just how much exterior home trends have changed in the last few decades. For a long time, the flat-faces and gently sloping roofs of mid-century homes were considered old and out of style. Now, homeowners have found ways to give mid-century style home exteriors a modern update that’s to die for!

The finest Utah homes in this style feature classic brick siding that’s been whitewashed or painted in a trending color. The front door will be painted a bright color, and the sloping roof lined with a sleek trim and classic rain gutters. Utah homeowners can’t see to get enough of this style! With the right design, this can truly create a stunning exterior.


When you drive through some of Utah’s best neighborhoods, you’ll start to see a lot of cottage-style elements coming out. While this style can be found in homes built 100 years ago or more, it’s become a coveted design style in current home construction.

The cottage style features pitched roofs, stone or wood exteriors (Utah siding installers would probably use James Hardie), a gravel or brick entryway, and floral decorations all around.

You can often tell that a home’s exterior is patterned after the cottage style by the window installation. Utah homeowners seeking the cottage look will request this specific style, often with flower boxes or shutters framing the small, white-framed windows scattered around the home’s exterior.


Some of the newest neighborhoods in Utah will feature unique, contemporary home styles. This is somewhat of a broad category, but this exterior home style is reminiscent of geometric shapes coming together to form a piece of art in the form of a residence. It’s common in Utah. Siding for these homes can range from stucco to tile to wood.

If you want to see some amazing examples of window installation in Utah, check out some of the contemporary-styled homes scattered throughout the state. The windows on some of these houses are huge, letting in plenty of natural light.

You’ll also see along the roofline uniquely styled rain gutters. Utah doesn’t receive as much rain as some states, but the occasional downpour will be caught in the stylish, straight-edged rain gutters designed to push the water away from the gorgeous siding.

For a closer look at the best up-and-coming home exterior designs, check out some of the newer neighborhoods throughout Utah. Siding, window installation, gardens, roofing, and more will all impress you as you take in these lovely exteriors.