Deciding on a new home exterior can be stressful. What will it look like? Will it be right for you?

You may ask yourself these questions and agonize over the answers in many areas of your life. What color should you dye your hair? Should you get a tattoo? Should you buy a Honda Odyssey, or a Mazda Miata?

Believe it or not, deciding on a home exterior is easier than making any of the aforementioned decisions. Why? Because you have help! And we don’t mean the great advice you get from your brother or your neighbor — we mean expert advice.


Your father-in-law might suggest you go with beige vinyl for your home exterior because it’s practical and long-lasting. It’s low maintenance, economical and it blends right in to the neighborhood and the landscape.

But maybe blending in isn’t exactly your thing.


Your sister might suggest a nice, pink stucco, like you see in the Caribbean. Stucco is energy-efficient, and though it’s not exactly cheap to install, it can last for 50 years! You’re not limited to a color palette pre-determined by some anonymous buyer — you can get any color you like! This idea appeals to you, though you’re not sure about the pink …


The guy at your spouse’s office recommends fiber cement home exterior. This is the guy who’s vetted every product he’s ever owned, from his car all the way down to the socks he’s wearing. He only gets the toughest products that will stand the test of time. Fiber cement is strong, durable and fire-resistant. It looks like wood, but lasts like synthetic.

But investing in a product that will last practically forever may be too much of a commitment you.

What to do?


Talk to the specialists. We can go over the pros and cons of any kind of home exterior you’re considering. Every material has pluses and minuses — what makes the decision personal is how important each one is to you. Some of your choices come down to climate and location, but other aspects of the decision are rooted in your individual tastes.

Here at Renovation by Burbach, we use our Visualizer software to show you what your home exterior will look like with different types of claddings in different colors. It’s like sending your house into the dressing room to try some coverings on for size!

All you need are some photos of your house, and we take care of the rest. Call Renovation by Burbach today for a free consultation, and sit down with the experts to find out what kind of home exterior will make your house beautiful.