Did you know that not all stucco is equal? Finestone Stucco is much more equal than others.

Stucco has been around for hundreds of years, and it likely will be around for hundreds more. It was originally made of lime, sand and water, but nowadays Portland cement is used in place of lime, in most cases.


Its consistency requires the use of a device that will hold it in place as it dries, and this is what lath is for. Lath was originally made of wood, but eventually the switch to metal was made, as it was cheaper and more readily available. (This can help you estimate the age of a structure — whether you find wood or metal lath under the exterior. If it’s metal, it likely doesn’t date back before World War II.)

Metal lath was better, except when it rusted. Galvanizing helped, but the dawn of fiberglass lath was a major breakthrough in the industry. Fiberglass is lighter, cheaper, doesn’t rust, and is faster and easier to install.

The Finestone system uses PermaLath 1,000. It’s rust-free, allows for good product penetration and offers better resistance to cracking.

Fiberglass lath allows for better adherence with fewer breaches of the moisture barrier, so mold and rot are no longer a concern. The Finestone stucco base and finish are compatible with metal lath, however, so if you are replacing your stucco, you don’t have to replace all of your lath if you don’t want to.


Because Finestone stucco requires only two coats instead of the traditional three, contractors save time, and homeowners save money. Finestone’s stucco base is strong, durable, crack-resistant and premixed by the manufacturer, so the proportions are always right and no guesswork on the part of the installer is necessary. This also makes for an easier, faster application.

The base is covered by an acrylic finish, which is superior to others because the color won’t fade as quickly and it retards mildew and dirt buildup, making it look better, longer with less effort by the homeowner. This finish is available in a wide variety of standard colors, but you can have any color you want if you go the custom route.


Stucco is popular because it’s beautiful, easy to care for and economical. It’s fire-resistant rating helps homeowners save money on insurance, too.

If you’re thinking of finishing (or re-finishing) your home with stucco, call the experts at Renovation by Burbach. We have finished hundreds of homes with stucco and have witnessed many changes in the industry. That’s how we know that Finestone Stucco is the best product for anyone in the market for a new stucco exterior.