You may think that during the cold, winter months, there’s not much point in maintaining your home’s curb appeal. However, that beautiful blanket of snow may come and go throughout the season, leaving you with a less-than-appealing exterior at times. So, what can you do to keep the exterior of your home looking its best during the few hours of daylight we enjoy in the winter?


If you’ve put work into an exterior remodel in Utah, be sure to properly prepare for winter so all the time, money and work don’t go to waste.

  • Clean your rain gutters – Neglecting to remove debris from your rain gutters in the fall may result in obstruction and breakage in the following months. Keep your home looking its best by routinely checking your gutters for organic matter and ensuring they’re ready for snowmelt runoff in the winter.
  • Check window wells – Similarly, before the snow settles in you’ll want to check your window wells for debris. If you don’t have secure covers, or if you use grates, chances are leaves, grass and the like have gathered in the wells. Protect your windows and your foundation by removing what doesn’t belong and checking for any damage. And, if you don’t already have aesthetically pleasing covers, now is the time to invest in them to add to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Beef up insulation – Prevent premature aging of your roof by ensuring your insulation is sufficient. When the temperature of your attic is consistent, it can help prolong the life of your roof. Without proper attic insulation, you run the risk of your roof accumulating heat in the winter as it escapes your house. As a result, in winter you may experience ice damming on the roof. Keep your roof looking its best, and your home’s interior comfortable, with insulation sufficient for the Utah winter climate.


While it may not be feasible to care for your siding amidst freezing temperatures, you can do simple things to enhance it. So, rather than washing the siding in winter and risking damage, consider doing the following instead:

  • Invest in evergreen vegetation – Whether real or artificial, evergreen foliage can bring a cozy and inviting feel to your home during the winter. Planted along your drive, walkway or even alongside the house, evergreen shrubs or trees will look amazing with a dusting of snow or frost. If live plants aren’t a feasible option, you can purchase life-like faux plants without breaking the bank. Each year they can be brought out to spruce up your front porch and bring positive attention to the siding you’ve worked so hard to maintain throughout the year.
  • Install outdoor lighting – No one likes to leave a dark home in the morning, only to return to a dark home at night. Show off your home’s siding with outdoor lighting. Not only will it welcome you home and light the way for guests, but well-placed exterior lighting can highlight your home’s exterior features any time of day. While soffit and fascia may not be exciting to everyone who drives by, you’ll love being able to see those little details crowning your home’s exterior.
  • Paint your mailbox – It’s probably too cold to paint your home’s exterior in winter, so why not give your mailbox a new coat of paint instead? If your mailbox is on the curb of your property, you’re literally tackling curb appeal at the source! Consider a paint color that either complements your home’s existing color or blends in for a feeling of continuity.
  • Update your house numbers – Have you thought about your home’s address recently? How easy are the house numbers to see from the street, or on a grey, wintery day? Yes, you can put reflective, sticker numbers on your mailbox or paint numbers on your curb, but you can also make a statement. Custom wood, metal or even stone house numbers can really pop on your home’s exterior. Both functional and beautiful, it’s worth the effort.

Though you may feel somewhat limited to what you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal in winter, with a little help we know you can get your house looking its best. From small budgets to large and anything in between, let us help you highlight your home’s exterior.