Home design trends come and go, but trends with function are a different story altogether. When it comes to getting the most from your home’s exterior and curb appeal, there are certain home trends that make sense in our great state of Utah and others that don’t. Home siding, however, is an invaluable part of many Utah homes while still being a point of visual interest. Whether you’re planning to update your home’s siding before Utah’s harsh winter sets in, or are simply in need of some inspiration for a future makeover, here are some siding options the team at Burbach suggests.

The Ever-Popular Stone Siding

As a homeowner, you’ve likely seen a rise in stone sidings in your neighborhood. Sure, stone facing is a material that has been used for centuries, but as a home design trend, it has found its way back into the homeowner’s hearts. Stone facing, in particular, is a perfect option for siding, entryway accents, half sidings, and more. Looking to spice up your home’s siding? Ask the Burbach team about the options of combining two siding materials, like stone and vinyl or wood.

Utah’s Favorite Vinyl Siding

It’s ever apparent that vinyl siding has been the popular choice for home siding throughout the state of Utah. Unfortunately, it’s also a siding material that is more often than not considered outdated. If you’re only familiar with the old look of vinyl, you’re probably unfamiliar with just how highly customizable vinyl siding can be. As for a material that stands the test of time, vinyl siding is extremely durable and weather resistant.

Fiber Cement

An exterior trend that continues to gain popularity is fiber cement. This siding material is highly durable as well as flexible. Fiber cement can actually resemble almost any type of siding you wish. At Burbach, when clients request fiber cement siding, we recommend the James Hardie brand. With a unique blend of 90% sand and cement, this material holds up without warping, rotting, or cracking.

Trouble Choosing a Trend

Can’t decide on a home exterior trend? If you’re unsure of what material would be best for your home, let the team at Burbach Exteriors help you decide. With our 3-D modeling software, we can show you what any style of siding might look like in your current home.