Curb appeal — we all want it, but can we get it?

Is it as simple as keeping your front walk swept and your grass cut? No. Not offending your neighbors isn’t quite the same as charming them. This will take effort. And money, but how much is up to you.

Snow may be covering your front yard now, but before you know it, spring will be in the air, and you want to be ready! Let’s look at three approaches to creating some great curb appeal — one bargain-basement, one middle of the road and one no expenses spared.


Your first step to making any improvements should be making sure everything is tidy and clean. Put away toys scattered on the lawn and get that clutter off the porch. There — now you can see what needs to be done.

If you have a walkway, use an edger along the sides for a neat, finished look. And while you’re at it, how does the sidewalk look? Old and dingy? You might want to forego the trouble and expense of renting a power washer and just do the job yourself.

Use a bleach solution to get rid of mold and mildew and really brighten up that walkway. Be careful near the grass though — bleach will kill anything green.

Brighten the place up a little with some potted plants. Save money by using cheap, unusual objects to make your own pots. Check out this link []; we swear the suggestions are adorable and nothing like Pinterest!


OK, if you’ve got some money to dedicate to curb appeal, one sure way is to give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Install new hardware too — a nice, shiny brass knocker and doorknob to match. It’s an instant face-lift and shouts “Welcome!” to all who come near.

Add some sconces to either side of your door as well. After you figure the cost of the electrician, then you know how much you’ll have left to spend on the fixtures themselves. They can really run the gamut, pricewise.

Also, consider installing a flag hanger and getting some decorative flags. Start with one — maybe a nice Easter bunny or a bouquet of daffodils — then buy another when you get to a new season.


If you’ve been saving up and you’re ready for a big change, we’ve got some suggestions for you. Adding stone features to any dwelling gives it a majestic look. Use it on your porch, your front stairs or as an accent wall.

Architectural embellishments really make a home distinctive as well. Add a porch or portico with stately columns, or install gables or some really beautiful wrought-iron railings or fences. Get a new mahogany front door with glass panels on either side, or new carriage-style garage doors.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, you’ve got a month or two to save up for your amazing transformation. In the meantime, call us here at Renovation by Burbach for even more ideas about how we can help you step up your home’s curb appeal.