A couple sitting around a backyard fire pit

There’s nothing that welcomes in spring quite like gathering around a fire with your friends and loved ones, with maybe a few marshmallows to roast and enjoy together. Having a fire pit in your backyard may seem like an overly complicated project, or something unnecessarily expensive. But it’s a project that is actually a lot easier than it seems at first, and won’t cost you nearly as much as you expect either. Here are our tips to build a fire pit in your own backyard!

Install the base

Make sure you do a bit of research before you get started with the building and installation process. Ensure that you aren’t building your fire pit over or near a septic tank, leaching field, well head, or property lines. You should also check with your local town hall or fire department and make sure that you’re building your fire pit far enough from your property.

To build your base, you’ll need two layers of wedge-shaped concrete blocks. The inside edge of these walls should sit 24 inches from the center of your fire pit. Before placing your second layer, use a level to ensure that you aren’t building your pit on a slope and that all of the pieces are placed in the ground correctly.

Fire ring

You’ll need a steel fire ring to place inside your fire pit. This ensures that you won’t spread the fire to other areas of your yard, and it keeps you safe. Tap it with a rubber mallet within your assembled base. Then, fill the gap between your fire ring and base with crushed stone.

Finishing the project

You’ll now want to add more concrete blocks and stones in a ring on top of the base you’ve already built, enclosing the steel fire ring in the middle. As you place each new stone, secure it in place with a small glob of masonry adhesive. And then, finally, ring the pit with gravel or crushed stone.


You can either buy seating options to accompany your new homemade fire pit, or you can make your own seating! Creating log benches is a fun and creative idea to gather a large group of people outside around your fire pit. Just make sure that no matter what kind of seating you choose, that it’s a safe distance away from the fire pit.