New siding is one of the most important improvements you can make to your home.

According to a cost-versus-value report from Remodeling magazine, 12 of the top 15 remodeling projects are exterior. Exterior appearance is critical to a home’s value. You could have the most beautiful, modern bathrooms on the block, but if your vinyl siding is dated or your paint is peeling, your house is going to look uncared-for. After all, passers-by can’t see your bathrooms!

And it’s not just how your house looks, but the image its appearance projects as well. If your yard is weedy and your porch is sagging, people will assume the inside of your home is neglected as well, even if this isn’t true.


You may not be planning to sell your house anytime soon, but its appearance still has an impact on your home’s value, and the value of the homes around you. Your taxes are based on your home’s worth, so a low estimate might benefit you, but it could drag down the prices of houses nearby.

The great part about new siding is not only that homeowners recoup a higher percentage of the money they invested than they would from other home-improvement projects, but the overall cost is less as well.

The cost to cover a house in siding depends on a number of factors, including the square footage of the home’s exterior, where it’s located (going rates vary by geographical region) and what type of siding you prefer.


Vinyl is the cheapest of the siding options — and not coincidentally, it’s the most popular. It’s lightweight, low-maintenance and installation is quick and easy. Color choices are many and varied, and constant throughout. There’s no fading, peeling or loss of color of any type. It’s durable and a great value.

The only really bad thing you can say about it is that it’s prone to cracking and breaking, especially in cold temperatures, but it’s easy to repair.


Fiber cement siding is becoming more popular. It’s a lot like vinyl in that it’s a durable, long-lasting, manmade material, but it’s appeal comes in its look. You can hardly tell good fiber cement siding from wood. It doesn’t have the plastic look of vinyl.

Fiber cement contains cellulose, but it’s fireproof and doesn’t attract pests like termites.

You can order it unfinished and paint it yourself, but then you have the chore up keeping up with repainting. You don’t have to do it as often on fiber cement as wood though. You can also get it right from the factory pre-primed and painted, but your color choices are more limited.


Wood siding is the most expensive and requires the most maintenance, but it’s still popular because it’s so beautiful. If you want the real thing and will accept no substitutes, wood is for you.

To learn more about what type of siding would be best for your home, talk to the experts at Renovation by Burbach. We install all types of siding, as well as stucco, stone and brick. Call us today to get started on your home’s new siding project.