New construction homes can be found all along the Wasatch front. Homeowners are incorporating the latest technology in their homes, as well as employing the most eco-friendly materials as possible. Today we want to tell you about a few installation products that we are really excited about and that we believe fit this description.


Here at Burbach, we offer a wide variety of materials. We can clothe the exterior walls of your home in brick, stone, siding, or stucco. Each choice brings a different value to your home, as well as offers a unique benefit. We want you to make sure that you make the right choice for you.


When we talk about siding, we’re talking about a nearly countless amount of choices. From high-quality vinyl siding to professionally installed, award-winning James Hardie siding, options mean a happier homeowner. With the James Hardie brand, we can offer you a beautiful siding that is highly durable. It’s strong and weather-proof—even against harsh climates and weather, like Utah winters. The materials consist of fiber cement, so they’re going to be resistant to moisture, rotting, and fire as well. This brand requires little maintenance and there are style options, which include wood lap boards, cedar shingles, as well as a wood shake. You are sure to love the James Hardie brand!

If the James Hardie brand is not your cup of tea, that’s okay. We also offer Mastic’s Vinyl siding. This brand, too, requires low maintenance, has a lifetime guarantee, and is very eco-friendly. It has proven to withstand the outside elements and its durability places it as a top-pick among builders. Like the James Hardie brand, style options vary and include lap, vertical, and shake & shingle.

Brick Facade

This is a classic look, with an appeal that never goes out of style. To meet building insulation standards, we have changed how we handle our brick builds. The brick is no longer part of the home’s construction but rather used as a veneer. It’s a decorative piece that is essentially a brick wall. Because the structure has changed and no pressure is applied to the brick wall, this building material can require more upkeep. With time, the bricks may crack or break and will require repair. However, Burbach is happy to assist with these.

Stone Exteriors

Stone exteriors are similar to brick. The idea is that we will make it look like your home was constructed from the stones; however, they will be merely a veneer. Also, like the brick material, stone comes in a variety of shades and shapes. From patchwork river stone to stone flats, we will make the exterior look beautiful, using superior products and installation methods.

Traditional Stucco

We love working with stucco, because of its proven durability, as well as its easy maintenance and ability to withstand the weather. It too brings some fire-resistance, as well as energy efficiency. It’s cosmetically pleasing to the eye, can be painted the color of your choosing, and brings great curb appeal. We promise that you will love your stucco choice.

Call us today and set up a consultation. We love being involved with new constructions and being apart of your journey. We have 15 years of experience in the business and stand behind our amazing craftsmanship, as well as quality products.