Patio barbecue party

This spring weather has us wanting to spend a lot more time outside. Whether that’s just time spent on the porch, taking kids to the park, or working on your garden. As the weather continues to heat up, you’ll want a comfortable place to spend time outside. Your patio is such a valuable piece of your yard. It gives you a place to sit and enjoy the weather, but you can even bring your work outside and feel the warmth of the sun while you work. You can watch your kids play outside from a comfortable lawn chair on your patio. Here are a few of patio updates you could do this summer!

Add a pergola or trellis

A great addition to any patio, is a pergola! It adds an entire new element to your patio area. It allows you to add drapes for privacy, additional lighting, and protection from the sun. Another fun thing to add is a trellis or two! You can lean these up against exterior walls, against your pergola, or even your fence. You can also have them stationary and have them attached into the ground to be sturdy. There are so many beautiful climbing plants and vines that you can grow up your trellis!

Have fun with lighting

Even though summer days are long, the sun still goes down eventually. If you’re someone who likes to spend the summer evenings outside with friends, and a drink in hand, adding some exterior lighting to your patio will be a complete game changer for you! You can add bulb lightings overhead, add another porch light, or even get fun with some tiki torches.

Update the paint

A great way to update your patio is to just take a moment to take care of the upkeep. Fill in cracks, replace broken stones, and update the painting where it is faded and chipped. If you’re bored of how your patio looks, a new coat of paint is a great way to give your patio an entire new look.

Get new patio furniture

You want to be comfortable when you’re hanging out on your patio, so comfortable furniture is a must! Investing in some great outdoor furniture will go a long way, since it will last so long, and you won’t mind sitting on it for more than twenty minutes. Get rid of those uncomfortable plastic chairs, and invest in something with a cushion and supported back! Add an outdoor rug and coffee table, and your patio is a completely different, and better, space.