a home with white stucco and brown accents

Stucco exteriors are a classic staple in many communities throughout the US, but with other exterior materials becoming increasingly popular, it’s not as commonly seen on individual homes. However, if you’ve fallen in love with the texture and artistic flare of a stucco exterior, this material is coming back into favor.

By nature, stucco siding is a low-cost exterior option, compared to stone and vinyl siding. But don’t let its price tag fool you, the finish of stucco is incredibly appealing; a nod to the classic Mediterranean architecture, but allows for a completely modern feel. What are the pros of stucco?

  • Fire resistance
  • Perfect for homes in multi-family dwellings
  • The appeal of changing hues
  • Creative textures

Care and Maintenance

The look of stucco is lovely, but it’s not a simple task. It’s important to have a trusted professional tint and install the stucco on your home. For instance, the team at Burbach have extensive experience installing stucco at the right thickness, so cracks over time are less likely. If you already have a stucco exterior that needs refreshing, Burbach can heal cracks and can perform maintenance on older stucco. Caring for the finished product, however, is quite simple. By periodically cleaning the surface with soap and water, the stucco on your home can last for years without any major repairs.

Customizing Your Exterior

Unlike other exterior materials, stucco can be easily customized and manipulated. From afar, you might just spot a plain-looking exterior, but at closer inspection, you can spot thick textures or even soft swirl patterns. There’s a lot that you can do to customize your stucco, through tint and texture.

Tint and Texture. Thankfully, because stucco is made for your home, you can choose a variety of hues to tint your stucco, with an end result of something that will feel and look one of a kind.

Applying stucco to a home is not a simple task, as it requires a multitude of layers to be hardy enough to withstand damage, but it’s in those final layers that you can play around in design. Are you looking for a smooth, sleek, modern look? Do you want your home to resemble a style from another country? Do you appreciate the aesthetic of swirled stucco? The possibilities are nearly endless with this material. Unlike other materials, you have a bit more say with the way the material looks before it’s installed.

For Those Who Have Stucco Already

There is the case that you currently live or are looking to move into a home that already uses stucco as its exterior. Although care is relatively minimal, with improper care, stucco can be a fickle material. Over time, stucco can crack and even chalk away. Some homeowners avoid homes that use stucco for the fear of major repairs at some point in their homeownership. Set aside that fear if you have a stucco home you love or are looking at one to purchase. With a little education on the material, it’s easy to care for and easy to spot problems if they arise. Have the name of a trusted professional on hand if you see signs of flaking, chalking, or cracking. Repairs are usually far more simple when caught in their early stages. This way, you can keep the style and look you love without considerable costs to you.