Monochromatic is out, two-tone is in. Your home’s exterior is not a tabula rasaYou want people to notice your home and its style and beauty. How do you achieve this? With professional help.

No matter what material you use for your home’s exterior, you want it to look smart and polished. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for different materials.

Vinyl — Vinyl comes first because it’s the No. 1 home covering in the United States. This is likely due to the fact that it’s inexpensive and easy to maintain. But it’s not like a wash-and-wear haircut — just because you have vinyl doesn’t mean you can’t have style. 

The vast majority of homeowners are going to choose beige and call it a day. Yawn!

At the very least, choose two different color vinyls. Put the darker one on the gables and dormers and the lighter one on the walls. Or get crazy and choose two completely different colors. Blue and gray go nicely together. Or maroon and a neutral color like off-white or tan.

Stucco — Stucco is great because you mix the color right in — there’s never any peeling or flaking. It can fade, however, so if you’re comfortable with going a little darker, your color will last longer.

Shades of adobe are popular with stucco, and you can mix some lighter and some darker, depending on how many architectural features you have. Stucco also looks good alongside brick, either on the foundation, porch or portico posts, or along a wall out front.

Wood — This natural resource offers a lot of flexibility. You can paint your wood siding or shingles different colors, or you can stain them different hues. Heck, you could paint some and stain others. Or use different types of wood on your walls, porch or garage. Variety is the key.


Whether your home has vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, stucco, wood or stone, the trim is important. Most homeowners just go with white because it’s clean and it’s easy, but it can be a bit boring, too. Consider a contrasting or complementary color for your trim.

Another way to show your style is with shutters. Various designs, shapes and colors are available, and if you get wood, they might not last as long, but you can pick your own custom color. 


The best — but not necessarily the cheapest — way to make your home a standout is with a stone accent wall. It instantly adds character, distinction and strength. An exterior made entirely of stone can get expensive, but an accent wall is doable for many. If the price still seems steep to you, consider faux stone — hardly anyone will be able to tell the difference.

If stone isn’t in your budget at all, consider vinyl siding with a wood accent wall — either siding or shingles. Used sparingly, this can be the feature that makes your home one of a kind.

If your home looks like every other one on the block and you have grown tired of it, call us here at Renovation by Burbach. We are the experts in home exteriors and can turn your house from blah to beautiful.