Who do you call when your home exterior needs repair?

Many people claim to know how to do repairs correctly when they do not, in fact, have the proper training or know-how. Repairs cost money, and you don’t want to have to pay a second time to correct what went wrong with the first job.

Repairs to siding or stucco can be tricky and present a whole host of pitfalls that can only be avoided with years of experience working with these materials. Consider your investment and the skill involved when deciding who does your home exterior repairs.


Wood shingles or siding can become damaged by water, insects, accidents or more. Properly sealed wood exteriors that are well maintained give you less trouble, but damage can still arise, whether it be from a fallen tree branch, bump with the car or lightning strike.

Replacing wood shingles is a huge pain. It’s easy if you’re replacing all of them, but if it’s just a few or even one, you have to be really careful getting the old ones out so you don’t damage the ones that are still good. Even if you know how, sometimes you can still break the good shingles.

And once the shingles are replaced, you still have to stain or paint the new ones to match, which is a real job, because even if you use the same stain, it won’t look the same, because your other shingles have been exposed to the weather for a time and gotten lighter.


Homeowners have been trying to repair their own stucco cracks as long as stucco has been around. But you can’t just trowel over stucco cracks and expect it to last. It’s a job that requires skill.

First, not all cracks in stucco should even be repaired. All stucco has some cracks. It’s only the big ones you need to worry about.

Any repairs that are necessary must be done during the right weather with the right mixture of materials and the correct tools. Color matching with stucco is a valuable skill, but understand it’s impossible to get a perfect match — you just have to get as close as you can.


These are the easiest to repair. If you do it wrong, you can likely call a professional to fix it without any serious consequences. But if you hire people to do it and they do it wrong, you lose money. So skip this step and go right to the professionals.

Handymen can be useful for a variety of jobs — especially the ones professionals don’t want to do. But you should trust your home’s exterior to a specialist.

If your home exterior needs repairs, call the experts at Renovation by Burbach. We can come out and survey the damage and give you a free estimate. We have been making houses more beautiful in and around the Salt Lake City area for years, so when you need home exterior repairs, call us!