Is it bad to mix stone and wood on your home’s exterior?

No. And what’s more, mixing building materials can actually make your home look better than sticking with just one.

Stone increases the value of your home, according to Angie’s list. It’s highly regarded, partly for its aesthetic appeal, and partly because its expensive, so you can show it off like a Hermes purse or a Cartier watch. It’s also fireproof, maintenance-free and helps with heating and cooling.


Much of the same can be said of brick, except it’s not as expensive as stone. You can even mix brick and stone on your home’s exterior — at least according to this Washington Post columnist. Take a look at these pics for some beautiful design ideas.

If you’re not a descendant of the Rockefellers, you might have to forego the brick and stone façade. Wood is cheaper, and it brings some warmth to a home exterior. Many ostentatious homeowners want their home to literally be their castle, but remember — castles can be cold, dark and musty. After all, your home isn’t a Harry Potter set.

So consider just a hint of stone. How should you do it?

  1. Make an accent wall — An accent wall really draws focus to the stone or brick, because it stands out in contrast to the wood. (This is a great trick with expensive wallpaper too — just buy enough for one wall, then paint the others a complementary color!)

  2. Use it to cover your foundation — This is a clever idea, because it hides the concrete and it looks beautiful.

  3. Cover the front porch and columns — Stone on just the porch and posts gives your home exterior a really distinctive look. If you don’t have a porch, consider installing one and using stone or brick to cover.

And what about the wood? Well, you can use siding, shingles, board and batten — any style can be mixed successfully with stone or brick. And it doesn’t even need to be wood! It can be fiber cementIt looks just like wood, but it doesn’t rot or need much maintenance, and it’s fire-resistant.


You can’t mix the stone with vinyl though — that’s too much of a contrast. If you’re set on vinyl, go with a stone veneer for a better blend.

Choosing a material — or materials — for your home exterior is no small matter. Looks, cost and durability are all factors. Don’t make the decision alone. Come and talk to the experts at Renovation by Burbach.

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