Do you appreciate the job your soffits do for your home every day, or do you take them for granted, rarely thinking about them yet fully enjoying the protection they provide your house?

It’s OK. We have a lot to be thankful for these days, and soffits likely aren’t at the top of anyone’s list. We may not think of them often, but when something goes wrong with them, we pay attention.


Soffits serve several purposes. As the material that covers the underside of your rafters, they provide protection to these beams, keeping them dry and in good condition.

They also close off a space that otherwise might look like a big neon Vacancy sign to squirrels, raccoons and other critters. To be sure, properly installing soffits does not guarantee that such cunning and wily creatures will not somehow gain access to your dwelling, but it puts up a roadblock for them that some will be too lazy to try to get around.

Lastly, soffits make your home more attractive by covering up its bones and making it look finished.


While you want your home and attic to be protected and snug, you don’t want it to be airtight, so you’re going to want vents in your soffits. Without proper air circulation, your attic will retain moisture and eventually grow mold and mildew before rot sets in.

But even with proper ventilation, you have to keep an eye out for potential wood rot setting in. Soffits are prime targets for rot, as they sit right at the roof’s edge. If the gutters back up or you get an ice dam in the winter, the first casualty is your soffits.


For this reason, many homeowners are now choosing soffits made of aluminum or PVC. Both are water resistant and neither is subject to rot. Aluminum is more expensive than vinyl, but it may last longer. It won’t chip, warp or crack in the heat like vinyl. Aluminum is prone to denting, but this isn’t easy to accomplish when it is installed under your roof.

Some people think vinyl looks cheap, and in some instances it can, but we dare you to recall a time you have ever noticed or judged another homeowner’s choice of soffit material.


If your soffits are old or you’re concerned that they may be rotting, call Renovation by Burbach. We are the experts at repairing and installing soffits and fascia throughout the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to rot and infestation — call Renovation by Burbach today for a full assessment of your soffits.