Vinyl siding seems like a miracle — it’s inexpensive, low-maintenance and quickly covers up a whole lot of ugly.

But it isn’t that easy. Not just anyone can do it correctly. Whereas some homeowners are able to replace a damaged panel or two on their own, siding an entire house should be left to the experts.

Hiring someone without much experience installing vinyl can lead to a number of problems.

  1. Moisture — You want your vinyl all nice and snug on your house so no moisture gets in, right? Wrong. Vinyl siding does not render your home waterproof, and as such requires a moisture barrier to be installed underneath.

    Flashing also must be installed properly around windows and doors and other edges so that moisture doesn’t seep in through these openings.

    If either of these steps is skipped or done poorly — due either to ignorance or laziness — the result could be widespread wood rot.

  2. Warping and buckling — This problem also is due to the installer attempting to fasten the vinyl siding too tightly to the house. Vinyl expands and contracts with the weather, and should therefore hang from the home rather than be fastened tightly.

    But it shouldn’t be too loose either, or you’re going to hear a lot of spooky noises every time the wind blows through your floppy siding.

    If siding is warped or buckled, it’s too late. Loosening the fasteners won’t fix it — you’ll need new panels. Even if just a few are buckled, it can be a kind of nightmare to replace them, as they are likely located in different spots all over your walls and the new pieces you get will all be a slightly different color that the ones you have, which have been baking in the sun for a year or longer.

  3. Finishing — Sometimes the look of a finished product comes down to the details. Even if all the siding is attached perfectly, if the nails don’t match the trim and aren’t even galvanized, your home will quickly be marked by rivulets of rust. 

    Trim installed around windows and doors must be the right color and done so no seams show and every edge is locked in tightly.

The professionals at Renovation by Burbach have installed siding on hundreds of homes. Although our expertise comes with our many years of experience, walways keep up with all industry changes so that your vinyl siding is installed exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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