As you work on projects to update your home’s curb appeal, consider giving your exterior a face-lift. Projects that are as basic as switching out your exterior’s paint colors can update an outdated home, and even just adding a package of coordinated trim can elevate a drab exterior. You can also replace inappropriate siding treatments that have fallen out of fashion with siding that’s more timeless, cost-efficient, and appropriate for your home.

Raising (the Bar) on Your Roof

Your roof plays a role, too, in the full picture of your home’s appearance. If you’re considering having it replaced, also consider swapping out construction materials. Let other homes in your neighborhood inspire you in regards to your roof’s new color palette or texture. Be sure to also evaluate your roofing choices for its compatibility with the siding material and the style of the home.

Aside from siding, some less extensive alterations can still help your home’s new curb appeal leave a lasting impression. For example, properly scaled and styled, dormer additions are a major but manageable cosmetic improvement. They not only update your roofline by punctuating it with some character, but they also provide better lighting and increased floor area inside. The edges of your roof can inspire some other opportunities for updates as well: you can change the depth of the eaves or widen and apply trim to the overhang. For a full exterior “facelift, box in the underside of the eaves and upgrade with a soffit that both protects your home’s energy and structural integrity while improving its look.

Showing Your Soffit Side

Installing your soffit and fascia correctly, and properly waterproofing those structures, is critical to preventing problems down the road—especially if Utah’s harsh natural elements continue to put your home at risk for wear and tear. Damaged flashing, or gutters that don’t function properly, can also create issues. For once, you need to keep your mind in the gutter: make sure that you’re taking regular care of your gutters since a well-maintained gutter will prevent water from running off and damaging your fascia board.

As you work on your home’s updates, consider that many soffits and fascia on older homes are wood, are at risk of moisture damage, and need to be replaced anyway. There are different materials to choose from. Some homeowners who have Hardie fiber cement siding prefer to use the Hardie brand of fascia and gutters to keep the home’s exterior uniform; for most homes, however, aluminum is recommended, for the following:

  • Aluminum’s durability and maintenance-free property.
  • Aluminum eliminates the need for any additional painting. Anyone who has taken the time to scrape, prime, and paint soffits and fascia know it’s a time consuming and an expensive job that can deteriorate over time.
  • Aluminum’s inclusion of panels to eliminate expansion and contraction.
  • Aluminum offers color variety to match or accent your home’s exterior.

If you want to update your soffit and discover mildew or mold before you replace your fascia, use a soft brush or broom and a cleaning solution made with bleach and water to clean it.

You also need to routinely check for bee, hornet or wasp nests. If you’re not comfortable working on a ladder (or if the nests are extensive), call a professional to remove the nests.

These simple updates not only improve your home’s curb appeal—they increase its overall value. Selecting the right materials will also offer you a long-lasting, durable, and low maintenance alternative to outdated materials.