The wise often say that “True beauty is found within,” and over the years you’ve learned that to be true: after all, you don’t need to look any further than your home for proof. What outside eye could ever see all of the warmth that’s been shared within your halls after they’ve been decked out for the holidays? Which mere observer could ever understand your abiding attachment to the house that’s sheltered and protected your family for years; that’s seen your child’s first steps, or hosted a graduation party? Only those lucky enough to be intimately connected to your home could ever truly understand its value.

However—to borrow the sentiments from another well-worn saying concerning the eye of the beholder—you could be short-changing your home’s potential appraised value if its exterior is failing to live up to the beauty of its interior. If you’re looking to beautify your home and increase its potential asking price, consider an exterior remodel: a simple siding upgrade, for example, can enhance your home’s curb appeal and allow you to increase your asking price should you ever choose to sell. “Beauty is as beauty does,” of course—and an attractive exterior does attract more attention. While new siding is no small project in terms of scope and expense, it may be exactly the update your home needs to look on the outside to others the way it feels to you on the inside.

The Brighter Side

Your home’s exterior siding protects it against myriad problems that could have long-term effects on its overall value, including defenses against:

  • damaging insects and burrowing vermin
  • flooding or fire damage
  •  mold, deterioration, and moisture exposure
  • high energy costs, and any other harmful effects of compromised structural integrity.

If your home’s wood exterior, for example, has already been compromised or damaged, new siding is the perfect solution: once the affected wood is repaired, simply replace it with brick, stone, stucco, or vinyl siding to prevent further damage in the future.

Not Stucc-On Just One: Several Options for Siding

    • Stucco: as an effective insulator of both warm and cool air stucco a popular siding choice in areas of extreme heat, and is a perfect option for Utah winter and summers.
    • Vinyl: because it’s weather-resistant, low maintenance, and durable, vinyl is your most cost-effective option for an update.
    • Brick and stone:  a higher-priced exterior finish, but due to its durability, it can be less expensive for the long haul.


  • Brick and stone facade: Have a home with a composite or vinyl exterior but desire the look of brick or stone? The team at Burbach Exteriors can help by putting up a strong facade to the top of a homeowner’s current exterior. Get the look of brick or stone without moving to an entirely new home.


  • James Hardie: a fiber and cement composite siding that’ll outlast the century, let alone your homeownership, and add incomparable value to your home. With James Hardie composite siding, a homeowner has nearly endless possibilities for customization between textures, hues, and siding styles.

If you’re interested in increasing the value and curb appeal of your beloved home, contact us at Burbach Companies today for a free estimate.