Your Curb’s Appeal: The Case for New Siding

The wise often say that “True beauty is found within,” and over the years you’ve learned that to be true: after all, you don’t need to look any further than your home for proof. What outside eye could ever see all of the warmth that’s been shared within your halls [...]

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3 Reasons Why We Love Vinyl Siding

Here at Burbach, our team is passionate about the look and integrity of your home’s exterior. As experts in all things siding, we’ve upgraded exteriors and creatively designed new construction materials for decades. When it comes to siding, we’ve seen it all. However, when homeowners think about updating the look [...]

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What’s the Deal with Soffits?

Every homeowner and property manager understands the importance of a well-constructed roof or maintained vinyl siding, but there is and aspect between both that often gets overlooked or completely forgotten: the soffit. The soffit of a home isn’t something we often think about, and that’s quite possibly because it isn’t [...]

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Lap or Vertical: Which Siding is Best for Your Home?

As a homeowner, the siding of your home plays an incredibly important role in the health of the rest of your home. After all, siding is often considered the first line of defense against harsh elements, but when planning an exterior overhaul, choosing a new siding can prove difficult. Not [...]

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Winterizing the Exterior of Your Home

It’s that time of year again! The leaves of fall have disappeared, and the neighborhoods are still aglow with holiday lights. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to prepare your home’s exterior for future harsh winter elements. Whether it’s heavy rain or ice and snow, your home’s exterior is [...]

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Does Your Stucco Need Repairs?

We love the classic look and feel of stucco, but more so than most home exterior materials, stucco can be a tricky keeper. Although stucco as material might not be as prone to major issues in certain states, it can sometimes feel difficult to take care of in Utah. We always recommend [...]

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Tips for Power Washing Your Home’s Siding

In order to keep your home’s exterior looking bright and beautiful, you should pressure wash your siding every two years. In addition to looking nice, this also helps protect your siding from erosion and can help it last longer. You should also power wash your siding if you are getting [...]

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Your Guide to Cleaning Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year (twice in some areas) and fall is the best time to do it. Heading into wintertime with clean gutters is essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Water that backs up in clogged rain gutters and [...]

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Upgrading the Exterior of Your Home?

Think Stucco Thinking about upgrading the exterior of your home? The investment you make in an exterior upgrade can boost your home’s curb appeal, property value, and help your home withstand major weathering. It’s not a light decision to make, but if you’re looking for a traditional look, we recommend [...]

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All You Need to Know About Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are important to maintain the integrity of your home and will help avoid flooding and damage to the foundation of your house. Though there are many options, it is important to have a professional help install them to ensure the water goes where it needs to be so that [...]

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